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    § EcMLST version 1.2 is released to the public. 6/30/2006
    § EcMLST version 1.1 is released to the public. 5/14/2005
    § New sequence type (ST257) was added. MLST data and isolate information of the type strain TW10225 (Alias EC20000545) was provided by Shelley Frost and Kim Ziebell. 3/8/2005
    § Concatenated sequence files and the sequence concatenation tool were updated to include clonal group designations in sequence index as taxon markers. 11/22/2004
    § In Silico RFLP was updated to perform multiple digestions. 11/04/2004
    § New data added! MLST of 18 strains done by Kim Ziebell were added into the database. 11/04/2004
    § New data added! MLST of another 60 strains done in our laboratory were added into the database. 10/18/2004
    § Database SiteStats was added into the system to record site statistics of STEC and EcMLST. 10/18/2004
    § New feature "Export Isolate Information" is added. Within EcMLST, by clicking any hyperlink of isolate accesstion number, all information about the isolates will be listed in a table, with the button "Export Isolate Information" listed at the end of the table. All information about the isolates, including allele profiles, can be saved in a tab-delimited text file. Check out the example! 09/24/2004
    § New tool Simple Genome Browser is released. 09/21/2004
    § New tool In Silico RFLP is released. 09/03/2004
    § Bug fixed in the search algorithm for the sequence concatenation tool. If you downloaded concatenated sequences containing any of the eight additional alleles, you need to redownload the sequences. We apologize for the inconvenience. 09/02/2004
    § Sequencing errors of several uidA sequences and fadD sequences were fixed for the following isolates: TW08831, TW08924, TW08910 (from uidA18 to uidA86); TW08925, TW08830 (from uidA18 to uidA85); TW08937 (from fadD12 to fadD68) and TW08943 (from fadD2 to fadD71). 08/12/2004
    § Annotated clonal group definition is available via clonal group query. 07/26/2004
    § ECMLST Tutorial is released. 07/23/2004
    § ECMLST version 1.0 is released to the public. 07/14/2004
    § ECMLST 2nd internal release. 06/12/2004
    § ECMLST 1st internal release. 04/22/2004
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