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    Version 1.2 EcMLST 1.2 was released on June 30th 2006. Major updates include bug fix, as well as increasing portability of the whole system.

    Version 1.1 The second version of EcMLST was released on May 14th 2005. Starting from this version, all three MLST schemes are supported simultaneousely. Some new query and data analysis tools are also added.

    Major Updates in Version 1.1
    § In most query pages to the MLST database, a MLST scheme scrolling list is added. From which, users specify the MLST scheme their querys should be based upon: st2 represents the 2 locus scheme, st7 the 7 locus scheme, and st15 the 15 locus scheme. In the query results, a new table lists corresponding sequence types in all three MLST schemes is included, from where users can further explore their data based on different schemes. The script generating database statistics can also generate three different versions of statistics based on the selected MLST scheme, which provides users different views of the datasets.
    § Query tools to the RFLP database are introduced. The "restriction maps" query allows users to obtain both graphic and tabulated text restriction maps by selecting enzymes and alleles. The "restriction enzymes" query allows users to obtain a list of restriction enzymes that can differentiate a group of alleles. In the list, names of restriction enzymes are hyperlinked to the corresponding restrction map.
    § A new sequence editing tool, SeqTrim, is added. It trims input allele consensus sequences to alignment length.
    § BatchProfile is another new tool. It allows users to get allele profiles in batches as tab delimited text files.
    § In silico RFLP is updated to include downloadable graphic restriction maps in the result page.
    § The appearance of the site has been altered for easier navigation.

    Version 1.0 The first version of EcMLST was released on July 14th 2005. The system is based upon the 7 locus MLST scheme.

    Please contact us if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

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